What I Do


Supporting you to get you where you want to be.

Maybe you’re a professional who feels stuck in a rut. Maybe you’re a new leader trying to figure out how to move from doer to boss. Maybe you feel over your head and are certain that someone is about to catch on. Or maybe you’re looking for a sounding board. Whatever your story, coaching can support your professional development with deep learning that “sticks” beyond the coaching conversation.

Coaching is a partnership between a coach (that’s me) and a client (that’s you) that will support your goals to create change, make decisions, solve problems, move forward, and/or achieve results. Another way to think about coaching is that it is a conversation with a purpose. As your coach, I will be your thinking partner, supporter, cheerleader, and mirror as you explore where you are now and where you’d like to be. I will do this by listening objectively, making observations, reframing ideas, asking non-directive questions, and creating insights.
Coaching is for anyone wanting to do the work and move the needle on their own personal and professional development.
Curious to learn more? Check out my coaching FAQ.

Development Workshops

Providing your team with a practical learning opportunity in an energizing and engaging format.

I have partnered with my Don’t Be a Jerk at Work podcast co-founders/co-hosts to create a customizable professional development program that we’re calling, Better Workplace Humans. This program is designed to promote development through the sharing of personal experiences and stories. Success in the program relies on active participation from both the group and every person in the group. Respectful curiosity of self and others is what drives the learning.

We will work with you to create a customized learning program that meets your needs. Each topic will be presented in a learning capsule that comprises a 90-minute online workshop (so your team can be in multiple locations) and a group coaching session. The workshop will be a combination of theory, practice and facilitated discussions. This will be followed (approximately 2 weeks later) by a group coaching session that links the workshop learning to each participant’s self-identified learning needs.

People Consulting

Creating capacity by partnering with you on that people (HR) issue OR taking it right off your plate.

The most common story I have heard from bosses and leaders is, “I love what I do but this people stuff is hard and I don’t have time for this!” I think that this can be especially true if you are in a small company and wearing many hats, including the HR hat. I also know what it feels like to be a solo HR practitioner or part of a small HR team that consistently feels pressed to the wall. I’m here to support you in either of those situations. I can partner with you on a retained basis or for a project or two (or three or more).

Drop me a note and we can talk about all-things people.