“Mind the Gap: Navigating Your Leadership Journey” by Doug Forsdick, Keri Schwebius, and Heather Thomson


Mind the Gap: Navigating Your Leadership Journey is a general management book by first-time authors, Doug Forsdick, Keri Schwebius, and Heather Thomson. This was an exciting book for me to jump into because 1) it was written by 3 of my Royal Roads University coaching colleagues, and 2) I believe in their WHY for writing this book. Essentially this is a guidebook for new people managers and I love that Doug, Keri, and Heather have shared their combined leadership and management wisdom with the next generation of leaders.

This book is a blend of leadership and management topics. It can be read all the way through or used as a reference guide.

There are 27 chapters in this book! As I scrolled through the table of contents, I was reminded of how much there is for a people manager to be aware of. Each chapter was a fairly quick read, which made the content digestible. At the same time, there was just enough theory and stories to get you thinking. The chapters felt like a menu of specific management topics with invitations to dive deeper. This invitation to dive deeper was strengthened by the reflection questions at the end of each chapter.

Consider reading this book if you are a new people manager or you are wanting to move into a people manager role.

And to Doug, Keri, and Heather – congrats again on your debut book and thank you for sharing your stories…and questions!