“Getting Naked” by Patrick Lencioni

Ranking: 4/5

If you know me, you know that I love a good story. I think that storytelling is an amazing way to create engagement, cement learning, and/or make a point. So, it only makes sense that I loved Patrick Lencioni’s book, “Getting Naked.” If you are familiar with Patrick Lencioni’s work, you will know that he writes business fables. He effectively teaches us what he wants us to learn through the fable. This business fable is written through the lens of a management consultant and Lencioni talks about the principles for inspiring client loyalty.

As I’ve written before, how much I like a book will depend on how relevant it is to me at any given moment in time. Well, right now, I’m two weeks away from wrapping up my full-time job and am about to start my own coaching and people consulting business. So, this read was very timely. While there wasn’t anything in the book that was completely new, it did get me into a consulting mindset. And, I love that Lencioni always starts with fable and ends with a framework. A great recipe for learning!